Brazilian Portuguese grammar book DIA A DIA

by prof Edinaldo E. Santo

Portuguese book Brazilian Portuguese language book 1: Students using DIA A DIA WILL learn how to use the Present, Past, Future and the essentials in between. There are fours short books in this book, which goes from the very basics of the Present Tense up to the Simple Past Tense.

This Portuguese book will effectively help those who understand grammar terms, such as 'verbs, adverbs, prepositions, pronouns etc', but will also easily help those who don't know or don't want to understand them. It is easy to follow this book and even better with the guidance of a Brazilian Portuguese teacher or a friend.

book dia a dia

Portuguese grammar book 2: this Portuguese language book is for students from intermediate to advanced levels. It will take students from the indicative to the subjunctive form in easy steps, respecting students pace of learning and taking into account what it is important to know and learn about the language, life and culture of the Brazil's people. Texts are short and informative enough to help you through the new grammar concepts, while giving you the necessary information about Brazilian's life, their interests and history.

This Portuguese grammar book is a step up for those who have learned the essentials and need to gain further confidence in reading, writing, listening and speaking Brazilian Portuguese. DIA A DIA also brings a section on football, regionalism and common terms used. With this Brazilian Portuguese language book you will not only learn grammar, but also about Brazilian culture, history and life and it also brings information on other cultures.