"Whether you are a complete beginner or an advanced Portuguese speaker relentlessly pursuing excellence, Eddie will help you achieve your goals. Eddie will establish your level of Brazilian Portuguese and will seek to progress it immediately. Lessons are fun and using years of experience he will balance his class so that you remain confident in your ability whilst pushing you to the next level. It is clear that Eddie has a passion for teaching as many people as possible to read, write and speak perfect Brazilian Portuguese! All this whilst conveniently located a short walk from Shepherd's Bush station." (Mark Harris, Director Foot in Brazil Ltd -www.facebook.com/footinbrazil)


"I studied with Eddie for around 9 months before moving to Brazil where I now live and work. I was able to learn very quickly and arrived in Rio with sufficient language skills to communicate effectively in Brazilian Portuguese, both for work and socially. Portuguese is a difficult language, but Eddie's tailor-made course is very well structured allowing you to progress with confidence. Eddie uses a communicative approach encouraging you to talk from the outset but also focuses on grammar and building relevant vocabulary. Eddie is friendly and professional and his lessons are always enjoyable, I laughed a lot which you need after a long weeks work to keep you motivated!" (Alex Mervart, Private English teacher in Brazil)


"I had a brilliant experience learning Brazilian Portuguese with London Lessons Ltd. Eddie is a talented, dedicated, conscientious and - above all - endlessly patient teacher. I would not hesitate to highly recommend him to anyone looking to take up the language in London." (Donna Bowater, Brazil correspondent for the Daily Telegraph)

"I have used Eddie Santos for two years as Tutor and Oral Assessor for Portuguese GCSE. Our results have been outstanding. His approach to the children – who have not always been the easiest of students – has been immediately effective and wholly professional. (Justin Willson, EAL/Community Languages Co-ordinator, Holloway School.)


"Eddie is a fantastic teacher. His lessons are very well planned and accessible. The lessons are very interesting and Eddie will adapt them to suit your goals: there is a good blend of talking and grammar. This approach has helped me to be able to communicate effectively every time that I have travelled to Brazil, without trying to worry about memorising words or grammatical structures, it all seems to come naturally after a while. I would fully recommend these lessons." (Martin Powell - teacher at teach first)."


"I have been thoroughly enjoying my lessons with Eddie and improved my Brazilian Portuguese quite quickly. I have tried other Portuguese language courses previously, but Eddie's teaching method and 20 years of experience in the field has stood out. His lessons are well structured and has friendly atmosphere, and at the same time he is very professional. All his Portuguese books are written by him, which are clear and useful." (Oggi - International Service Solutions)


"I was very happy to have found Eddie to be my Portuguese teacher for the last 2 years. He has been invaluable in teaching me the ins and outs of the Portuguese language, with a very flexible approach that acknowledged my more practical way of learning, without neglecting key grammatical concepts and it’s use in Brazil. With my classes usually after a hard days work, Eddie was always patient and always made me comfortable to speak, correcting mistakes without every making me feel awkward and growing my confidence in the language. I feel very well prepared as I move to Brazil to live and work. Eddie is a great teacher and lovely person, and I will miss the weekly classes for sure!(Holger Keller - LG England/Brazil)

Portuguese grammar Book: DIA A DIA


"DIA A DIA" - Volume 1 -Brazilian Portuguese grammar book carefully developed through the years and used with a great rate of success. Volume 1 focuses on the needs and difficulties faced by most students learning Brazilian Portuguese. It targets specific learning areas and helps students to communicate well from beginner to an intermediate level. Students learn how to use the Present, Past, Future and the essentials in between, the essentials being the Present Continuous Tense (-ing), the Immediate Future (going to) and the Imperative form - 'the command form of the verb' (do it, don't do it), together with very important parts of grammar for beginners and intermediate students. This book is available to buy on amazon.com and amazon.co.uk. (Edinaldo E. Santo)


Portuguese grammar book - volume 2 - For students from intermediate to advanced levels. It will take students from the indicative to the subjunctive form in easy steps, respecting students pace of learning and taking into account what it is important to know and learn about the language, life and culture of the Brazil's people. Texts are short and informative enough to help you through the new grammar concepts, while giving you the necessary information about Brazilian's life, their interests and history.